Who we are

Contributors to this website include:

Angalyse Keyock is a junior Strategic Communication major and advertising minor at Flagler College. She was born and raised in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, a town known as “the Christmas City.” Before coming to Flagler College, she studied for two years at East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania.







Katie Garwood is a senior journalism major at Flagler College. She’s from Melbourne, Florida and has lived in the Sunshine State her whole life. Katie loves to write, edit and shoot photos for the student newspaper, The Gargoyle. When she’s not in school, Katie works as a golf coach for The First Tee of North Florida and plays often as well.





Stephen Cripps studies journalism and documentary production. He writes for the Gargoyle, the college’s online newspaper, and takes photographs for local businesses. He loves everything about media production, from shooting interviews to flying his DJI drone.






Erin Brady is a sophomore Media Studies major and Film Studies minor at Flagler College. She contributes frequently to the school newspaper, the Flagler Gargoyle, on events regarding communication and the arts within the community. When she is not writing articles, she can be found writing short film screenplays or watching movies.





Tejas Badgujar is an avid photographer from India. He has spent most of his life in India and China and his interest in photography brought him to the States. He is a Journalism and Media Production sophomore at Flagler College with a minor in Advertising. He has had an interest in capturing moments ever since he was child, starting off with his parent’s camera, eventually building up his skill sets and working as the official photographer for his high-school and later taking on freelance photography jobs as he travelled around southeast Asia and America. He loves to explore new places and meet new people from different backgrounds that he meets during his travels.