PRSSA: Communication is their business

The Public Relations Student Society of America, or PRSSA, aims to connect students within communication fields with important networking opportunities and seminars. According to the group’s website, there are over 300 PRSSA chapters in the U.S., Argentina, Colombia and Peru. Flagler College is home to one of these chapters, and it is gaining some attention as Com Week approaches.

“PRSSA is my most rewarding college endeavor,” says PRSSA President and Flagler sophomore Bri Grall. She oversees the chapter’s meetings and fundraising events, along with the group’s executive board. Some of these fundraising events are partnerships between the chapter and other clubs on campus. One of these is the Bring Your Own Mug coffee fundraiser, a partnership with the Flagler Sustain Club Students are encouraged to either fill up their cups with coffee or buy a mug from local thrift stores.

The members of PRSSA also have the opportunity to travel around the country to attend conferences hosted by the group’s parent organization, Public Relations Society of America. In October, four members of the executive board travelled to San Diego to represent Flagler College at a networking conference. Most of the chapter’s funds go toward travel expenses for future conferences.

However, PRSSA’s main focus at the moment is the upcoming Com Week event, set for March 9-12.

“This event means a lot to me because it displays the importance of communication through interactive experiences,” Grall says.

Although PRSSA helps coordinate the event, Grall believes that its involvement is much more than chapter promotion.

“Com Week is not about the communication department or PRSSA, it is about the entire student body and giving them the tools to learn how to communicate with others,” she says.

Later in the spring, the organization is partnering with the psychology honors society Psi Chi to host what Grall describes as “a seminar focusing on communication within” meaning “educating students on common stressors and results of negative mental practices then learning the proper coping skills after being able to understand your internal dialogue.”

The organization is also selling $20 PRSSA T-shirts to raise money.

As Grall sees it, Flagler’s PRSSA chapter is a passionately led, hard-working organization that is slowly building its professional and academic presence on campus.

The group is creating a network of students who are “like-minded and ambitious,” she says.

The Flagler PRSSA executive board consists of Bri Grall, Jamie Davis, David Welch, Haley Walker, Ina Morrissey and Kyra Sjolund. For more information and updates, visit flaglercollegeprssa on Instagram.