Another chance at social engagement for local ranch

A campus organization is beginning to make waves within the St. Augustine community.

Dow Advantage, a non-profit public relations group run entirely by Flagler College students, has begun helping local clients expand their community outreach through social media. One of these clients is Another Chance Ranch. Located just twenty minutes from campus, Another Chance Ranch aims to provide rehabilitation and sanctuary to all different kinds of animals. Some of these animals have been rescued from abusive living conditions, while others were found abandoned on busy roads and highways.

To Eden Abram and her family, every animal has an important story to tell. This belief helps fuel their non-profit sanctuary, but they have recently come across a shortage of volunteers and donations. With the help of Dow Advantage, they plan to fix this.

The meeting took place in a large barn that was home to some of the 28 dogs that inhabit Another Chance Ranch. Representatives from Dow Advantage and Dr. Jin Hammick’s Digital Media for Strategic Communication class collaborating with the student group discussed a number of different strategies for furthering their online presence. Some of these ideas include revamping their already existing Instagram page and promoting events through various Flagler media channels, such as the Flagler Gargoyle and WFCF.

Although Dow Advantage is still a relatively new group, reviving last year after a hiatus, the group is determined to help out organizations like Another Chance Ranch. They are currently doing this by splitting up into committees that focus on one individual non-profit. That way, they can assure their clients that they are their number one priority. However, they have set up other main goals. These goals include a stronger outreach to Flagler College students for volunteer work.

Another Chance Ranch’s Dow committee recently met up to discuss their new social media revitalization plan. Using popular Vegan Instagram accounts such as Vegan Outreach and Farm Sanctuary as inspiration, the goal is to turn the ranch’s online presence into an insightful resource for St. Augustine residents and beyond.

“She wants [her web pages] to be a place for education and entertainment,” said Destynee Jones. She is the head of the Dow committee for Another Chance Ranch as well as a student in Dr. Hammick’s Digital Media for Strategic Communication class.

After analyzing the analytics of their Instagram and Facebook pages, they created a plan to create posts using a service called Canva. This program allows them to easily make eye-catching posts before saving them to a queue. The team expects to begin posting their newly created content in November.

Members were encouraged to share their ideas about the new social media plan throughout the meeting. “I like telling little anecdotal stories about the animals,” said committee member Paige Hughes. “I think that will get a lot of attention.” This was met with enthusiastic agreements within the group.

The committee plans to meet weekly to discuss new ideas, updates on the ranch, and other aspects of their partnership. The future’s looking bright for Another Chance Ranch, and Flagler College’s own Dow Advantage group is helping them get there.

Dow Advantage’s Another Chance Ranch committee consists of Destynee Jones, Chase Bendik, Lorein Mones, Kate Happe, Paige Hughes, Jordan Neisler, and Ina Morrissey.